Flexible Respite Solutions For Children

Kempsey Respite Service provides Flexible Support to people with a disability, their families and carers using both volunteers and support workers. Individual plans are developed and directed by the person with a disability and their carer.

Flexible respite may include:
• Support or resources that meets the families identified needs
• In home respite care
• Out of home respite care
• A variety of individual flexible options

The support will be available at times and places that best meet the needs of the person with a disability and their families/carers. Another option is a family managed allocation that can be used to arrange support with personal networks to assist in the caring role.

Benefits of flexible support include:
• recognition and maintenance of personal support networks
• new friends
• new experiences for everyone
• a support network for the family carer
• one on one or small group environment
• better community understanding of people with disabilities

For further information regarding the Flexible Respite Support, please contact our office by phone on 6562 2505 or email info@krs.org.au

Group Programs

We offer a service of group programs for children from the ages of 5-12 years and youths between 12-17 years with a disability. These offer children and young people opportunities to participate in structured activities with a group of others of similar ages and needs whilst providing respite to their carers.

The activities offered are provided in a safe, familiar environment and includes recreational and leisure activities in both centre based and community settings. These programs provide respite to carers and families, whilst providing a range of activities that encourage participation and desensitisation. The programs expand leisure experiences and choices and provide an option of interesting, regular recreation and social activities. They access existing leisure and recreational activities in the community.

The benefits are:
• New friends
• New experiences for everyone
• A support network for the family
• Better community understanding of disability
• Respite for their carers.
People using the program pay for activities and other expenses.

Our children’s programs include
• after school dance, boxing and sports groups
• school holiday activities
• children over 10 years old, may be able to access youth programs
These programs are available to children 5 – 12 years

Our youth programs include:
• after school dance, boxing and sports groups
• school holiday activities and camps
• special events (concerts, NRL/AFL football etc.)
• weekend camps with Sport & Recreation
These programs are available for young people 12 – 17 years


Emergency Care

Kempsey Respite Services is not an after hours emergency care service. In cases of emergency, contact the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) and inform them of your emergency care requirements. CRCC may give approval to organise emergency care with your KRS volunteer/support worker if they are available. If not, CRCC will discuss the options available to you.

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre
Phone: 1800 052 222
Accessible: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week